Sunday, August 30, 2009

Work? Nah....

More random things to write about. I guess this could fall under the "things that amuse me" blog, but it's too much work to figure out how what my sister says I need to do to keep the same topic together. :)

* First off for today, everything in Guatemala is "something-ito," "-ito" being a diminutive. I repeat, EVERYTHING is ______-ito in Guatemala: host family's son Carlos = Carlitos; frijoles (beans) = frijolitos; queso (cheese) = quesito; ahora (now) = ahorita;.... The list could seriously continue for the length of the Spanish dictionary, minus verbs.

* I'm not much one to enjoy being stared at, but it's kind of unavoidable here. Staring, staring, staring all the time. Amusing? Well, maybe not.

* Our house isn't very thick, so we can hear the neighbors as if they live in the house, and at night when all the stray cats are out, since the roof is metal and the sound carries, it sounds like we have ladrones, or thieves, jumping on our roof all night. That part is kind of amusing, just because you tend to forget about the cats until one thuds onto the roof and you jump until you remember that it's just a cat and not a person. At least, you hope it's not a person. :)

* I heard somewhere once that people eat an average of 7 spiders in there lifetime. Now I'm not one to necessarily believe that, since... well, how can you collect that information? But if it is true, I'm thinking that number must be much higher for people living in Guatemala. I wouldn't recommend visiting if you're not into dogs or spiders. :)

In other news, the second week of school has been survived, and I'm about to start the 3rd. :) Still kinda like it down here, so apparently it can't be too bad!

Whoever reads this, have a good week ahead, and we'll see when I update this again.

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  1. Noooo! Cheese must not be small! It must be big!

    Haven't died your hair yet? :P Did I ever tell you that one of my roomates in Korea, who was blonde, almost always had people actually touch her hair when she was out and about in Seoul?