Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things that amuse me about Guatemala...

I'll probably keep updating this particular post as the year goes on -- I mean, I will find plenty more things amusing before the year is up, but here is a start:

* Pedestrians have no right of way. Ever. The only rule is, "Don't get hit!"

* The sidewalks are very tall in this country, sometimes about a foot and a half off the ground. I think this is because if they weren't, the drivers would drive on them as well, and then there really would be no place to walk.

* Guatemala is a great place to go if bananas are your favorite fruit.

* They don't drink cold milk. It is always warmed first. Well, I'm not sure they drink milk. So far I've only had it with cereal.

* In Guatemala, driving is best done if the tint on your windows is so dark that no one can see in, and you can't see out.


  1. Darling, you can create a category of the title of this post....that way you don't have to keep coming back to this post!

    Ahahaha, don't get hit! That's like how dear husband drives!

    How many varieties of bananas have you run into yet? You should learn about all the varieties and blog about them! I had a banana desert last weekend for the first time...I can't remember the name. It was really, really yummy!

  2. How do I create a category??

  3. Well, I figured out that you can email blogger and it will save the email as draft or post it automatically if you want. You can also have your blog sent automatically to up to 10 email addresses...I can think of a few people who might enjoy that. Those are both under the Email & Mobile tab which is under the Settings tab.

    I figured out how to categorize as uses labels like in gmail. I wrote instructions for you: