Tuesday, August 4, 2009



A quick beginning blog... Quick, because I should work on planning my life as a teacher! Drawers and cabinets to explore, things to arrange, etc.

I am here, and I love it! I mean, who wouldn't wanna stay in a country where you're told, "Estas linda!" ("You're pretty!") after traveling with no sleep for 36 hours! It has been a HUGE blessing so far to be here with IAS, the Inter-American School, because they picked me up from the airport, had cell phones for us right away, have taken us on tours, are teaching us about public transportation here, and are taking care of lots of stuff that I had to figure out on my own when I studied in France. It is totally worth not flushing toilet paper, not being close to home where everything's familiar... I can't think of bad things right now. I like it here. And I love the family I'm staying with. They are very, very nice and helpful. The Spanish is...slowly improving. :)

Anyway, off to work. I'll try to explain more about the school and stuff later, and I supposed I'll try to post a blog at least once a month.


  1. Once a month is not enough. :P

    Why do you only have RSS feed available for comments? Or am I just not finding RSS feed for blog posts? I demand RSS feed!

  2. No se! No se! I know nothing about this, and I don't plan on learning more. I'm just gonna write once in a while.

    :) But I love you anyway.

  3. Tab O! You are in Guatemala!! I still haven't talked to you since returning from France and me getting married... ay yay yay.. what a pitiful friend am I?!? I look forward to reading your once a month postings!! (although, I do hope they are more frequent)... and PS.. don't you speak French? My goodness, a trilingual person we have here.. you are amazing!! Take care! and you are estas linda! (I umm... don't know Spanish.. so I hope that really means what you say it did.. I don't want to tell you you stink or something! b/c I do think you're pretty!! :) )
    Take care! ~Heidi

  4. Don't worry about the RSS feed...I forgot that you can add to Google Reader by url. Now I just have to teach you know who and you know who to use Google Reader. :)